*** EIBA Coronavirus Statement ***

The EIBA have issued the following statement of advise regarding Coronavirus.

As a club we will be following the recommendations inline with the other practises we have already put in place such as extra hand sanitisers around the club including one at the end of every rink and we will be carrying out additional sanitising cleaning to reassure our members.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The English Indoor Bowling Association has been monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and following the publishing of the UK Governments’ plan, yesterday, wish to advise its Clubs, County Associations and Indoor bowlers of the following:

The EIBA are following the advice of Public Health England in the current plans for containment of the virus. As such we would advise clubs and bowlers, if not already doing so to implement: –

• Regular washing of hands

• Use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers

• Cough or sneeze into tissues which are then binned.

• Don’t touch your face unless you have washed your hands.

• Self isolation if the member believes they may have the symptoms.

In relation to the customary handshake at the start and end of matches, the EIBA recommend that this courtesy does not take place until the situation has improved.

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