X_test 2021-22 table

    AB Dec12th   AB Jan30th   ABMar6th   AB Mar22   Play on  
    PB Dec26th   PB Feb13th   PB Mar20th   PB Apr17th   Apr 23/24th  
1st Round Score 2nd Round Score 3rd Round Score Quarter Final Score Semi Final Score FINAL Score
    Barbara Jackson,
Stephen Stroud
    Stephen MacKenzie,
    Peter and Marie Haward      
    Bill Fuller,
Paddy Kervin
    Wendy and Bernie Catt          
    Anne and David Everson  
    Roger and AnnieF Cable      
    David and Pat Bain  
    Jonathan and Marilyn Doust              
    Malcolm Goman,
Carol Templeman
    Wendy and Chris Avery      
    Brian and Gill Henty  
    Alan Ridington,
Sue Pavey
    Denise Smith,
Paul Davies
    Brian Whittaker,
Marlene Galagher
    Brian and Alison Woolcott  
    Beth Clarke,
Mike Taylor
    Adrian and Julie Benge  
    John and Anabel Murphy      
    Jean and Brian Clements  
    Lin and Phil Garrett          
    Adrian Wainwright,
Sue Taylor
    Keith and Val Lane      
    Julie Woods,
Peter Reynolds
    Nigel and Sue Morris              
    Ian and Nicki Dale  
    Anita Feltham,
Derek Dyer
    Dave and Liz Parks  
    Simon Knight,
Wendy Davenport
    Steve and Chris Dodd  
    Mick and Gloria Brook      
    Jo and Geoff Morris  

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