We Welcome Back ‘Memory Lane’ Dementia Group

We were really pleased to welcome back visitors from ‘Memory Lane’ Dementia  group, returning for the first time after many months away.

In addition to our volunteers we are thrilled that one of our highly qualified coaches, Denise Smith, offered her services and equipment to enable the group to play a variety of games, followed by tea and cake of course !!  

Next session: To Be Confirmed subject to Covid restrictions . . .

Club Competitions 2020/21

Welcome to the new season and a brief intro to how we hope the new season will run. This year, the only internal Club competitions will be Singles and Pairs initially, with Triples and possibly Fours being introduced if the Covid situation allows. Last year’s competitions are still active, aiming for a Finals Weekend on November 7th/8th. However, the Bowls Committee have decided that the new national Rule of 6 means that the 2 Fours competitions, Mens and Mixed will both have to be cancelled totally.

As well as the regular Leagues, the Ladder League and the weekly roll-ups, players are encouraged to enter a variety of competitive knockout formats played over the whole season and culminating in the Finals Weekend in April 2021. Last year, over 200 players entered one or more of the Competitions.

There will be 10 competitions starting in November, 4 Singles and 6 Pairs. An Entry form is attached to this email, with further copies on demand. There is a closing date in early November so the early rounds can get under way soon after. There will be an entry fee of £3 per person for each competition and one person will be asked to be responsible in each pair for communication. As well as a handsome Cup or Trophy, (as currently displayed in the Restaurant), there will be prize money for both winning and losing Finalists.

The Singles matches are played as first to score 21 shots. Each player has four bowls, and an independent Marker needs to be arranged to keep score and do any necessary measuring. The Men’s and Women’s Championship are open to all full members. The Novice competitions are for all members in their first 3 years of playing indoors, but only if they have not won any Competition or other recognised award, either at Eastbourne or any other club either indoor or outdoor. The Mixed singles has not proved popular and is dropped.

Pairs matches are played over 21 ends, with four bowls for each player. The Leads play all their four bowls before the skips. In the event of the scores being equal when all ends have been played, an extra end or ends will be played until a decision is reached. There are 5 competitions, Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed, and 2 Senior competitions where both players must be aged 65 or more. We are also introducing a new Australian pairs competition, with a weekly Australian League to be introduced later in the year.

Full rules about arranging matches, substitutions, dead ends and play-by dates can be viewed by clicking here.

COVID-19 SAFE Praise from local MP Caroline Ansell

We recently had a visit from our local Member of Parliament Caroline Ansell.
Our Chairman contacted Caroline several months ago to ask her to lobby the government on our behalf when the club was unable to open. She has communicated with us over this period and came in for a cup of tea and chat. As her video shows she was full of praise for all the measures we have taken to ensure we are COVID 19 safe.

Membership renewals 2020/21 – A message from the Chairman.

Dear Members

I am writing this message to appeal to you to pay your full subscription for the 2020/21 season whether you intend to return to the club in October or not until a vaccine for Covid-19 has been found.

Like all businesses we have ongoing costs and still want to invest in the future of the club.  Now is not the time, I believe, in offering discounts or rebates but hopefully when “normal service” is resumed the club may be able to do something to recognise the support of its’ members.

We will have a much better idea of our financial position going forward when we know the level of subscription income. It is quite clear we will have no or very little income from other normal revenue sources for the foreseeable future.

Club matches, social functions, room rental and private functions that have raised revenue to support the club finances are unlikely to happen for some time.

This is an extremely challenging time for the club and we all want to see it survive and prosper and be in a secure financial state for the years ahead. Full subscriptions will allow the Management Committee to invest where possible so that our facilities and levels of service are maintained.

The Management Committee really does appreciate the continued support and loyalty of its’ members during this difficult period but do know that the right course of action will pay dividends in the future. It is, I believe, the only realistic course of action for the clubs continued success, enabling the club to bounce back from this terrible pandemic.

Both the Bowls and Management Committees are planning ahead to provide both bowling and social opportunities for the new season. Matches and some external competitions may not take place at this time and social events will be scaled down in numbers attending, ensuring that social distancing is adhered to.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in the club soon.

Dave Parks                


11th September 2020

Winter Booked Rinks

Dear Members,

Now that we know what our guidelines from the EIBA will be next sesaon, I am now starting to put the schedules together for the Winter booked rinks. If you would like to join a booked rink or run a booked rink (min 8 players) please let me know what session you would like to bowl. Booked rinks will continue to be played as triples.

Due to Covid-19 guidelines and to allow us to clean between sessions the bowling times will be slightly different this season. The following sessions are available.

Monday to Friday 9:30 – 11:30am, 12 – 2pm, 2:30 – 4:30pm, 5 – 7pm

Saturday and Sunday 12:30 – 2:30pm

I look forward to seeing you all back soon,

Kind regards


Government Changes To Face Coverings

Guidance from EIBA (version 5) has been updated following recent Government changes and the club will implement the changes from Monday 31st August.


Face coverings

The Government on Friday 21st August 2020 made the wearing of a face covering mandatory in indoor sports stadiums. As a result, any person entering an indoor bowls club will need to wear a face covering at all times, until they leave the premises.

Once in the club individuals would only be permitted to remove the face covering for the following actions:

When on the rink bowling with 2 metres social distancing in place, due to partaking in exercise.

Due to a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability.



Lockers will be made available to members but as social distancing of 2 metres will not always be achieved, bowlers need to:

Wear a face covering to provide a mitigating action to reduce transmission and will able to remove it once stepping on the rink ready to bowl and replacing it before stepping off the rink for any reason including at the end of the game.


Restaurant and bar areas

Face coverings are permitted to be removed when members are eating or drinking in designated seating areas.


Movement around the club

You must wear a face covering when using the toilet facilities and visiting the restaurant for rink teas, when you can remove it for eating and drinking.

Face coverings do not replace the need to social distance. Please maintain continued hand washing and sanitizing of hands.

We care about your safety and continually strive to maintain a safe environment for our members. We hope that you will support the changes made which will improve the service we provide.

Liz Parks,

Health and Safety Director

27th August 2020

Moving up to TRIPLES

From Monday 17th August any rink will be able to play Triples.

If you are involved in a Triples Rink you should wear a mask or alternatively a face shield. Members who have a recognized breathing condition could be exempt from wearing a mask but must notify the center manager when entering the building.

It is important that Triples rinks Bowlers socially distance at least one metre plus apart.

Change into your bowls shoes quickly and step onto the rink immediately you have done so.

The procedure for bowling is exactly the same as you would do for pairs with the following additions :

The Jack must be placed at least one metre short of the tee.

The mat must be placed at least one metre up from the tee.

Therefore the maximum length for triples is two metres shorter than the normal maximum length. Reduce this further if you would prefer.

Four bowlers should not stand side by side but two by two. Two just by the ditch two metres apart and two bowlers in front of the them two metre away. Move up to bowl and then return to your position. Move clockwise around the rink behind each other.

Disposable masks will be available to purchase at a cost of £1 for 2 if you forget to bring one.

If you have a Summer booked rink and have enough people to bowl a triples rink the club would prefer you to do this. Alternatively you should book another weekly rink so that all your bowlers get a regular bowl. Please discuss this with Michelle.

Good luck, use common sense, be aware and enjoy.

Dave Parks


‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Government scheme for restaurants and bars.

We have registered with the above scheme to give members the opportunity to enjoy a breakfast, lunch or just a snack and get 50% off the price of food and soft drinks.

This offer applies to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the month of August (3rd- 31st August).

Just book a table and we will do the rest! £10 maximum discount per person per visit.

We look forward to seeing you.

EIBA Update 31/7/2020

Copied from EIBA website
Returning to Indoor Bowls

Following the Prime Minister’s statement earlier today (31st July 2020) the EIBA wishes to advise you that flat green Indoor Bowls Clubs, if they wish, are still able to be open. Indoor Bowls was included in the indoor sports which were permitted to start on Saturday 25th July 2020.

The Government has taken the decision to postpone the next phase of activities which were scheduled to start on 1st August 2020, this included 10 pin bowling alleys, for at least a further two weeks.

Therefore Clubs can continue with their scheduled activities, whilst maintaining systems to ensure the Club is COVID-19 secure.

Yours sincerely

Peter Thompson
Chief Executive