Summer Matches

Dear Members,

We are now pleased to tell you we have the following matches, if you would like to play in any of them please let us know by email email hidden; JavaScript is required or leave your name and the dates you are available to play with Naomi.

19th August – Denton – Home – 2pm – Greys – Tea and Biscuits

27th August – Norwich & Norfolk Bowlers – Home – 2pm – Greys – Tea and Biscuits

9th September – Royal Tonbridge Wells – Home – 2pm – Greys – Tea and Biscuits

16th September – Denton – Away – 2pm – Greys – Tea and Biscuits

We are looking forward to the matches

Julie and Anita

Restaurant Closure Dates

Naomi and Michelle will be taking annual leave during July and August so the restaurant will be closed on some days. Rink teas/coffees and crisp/chocolate bars etc will be served from the bar, there will be no hot/cold food available on the following dates:


Wednesday 28th

Thursday 29th

Friday 30th


Monday 2nd

Tuesday 10th

Wednesday 11th

Thursday 12th

Monday 23rd

Tuesday 24th

Thursday 26th

Booked rinks may use the restaurant tables to allow more room and comfort.


July 19th – What Happens Next . . .

Dear Members,

On the 19th July all Government Covid 19 restrictions will come to an end. I am pleased to set out below how the club will operate from that date :

We will continue with the defogger in the Bowls Hall and Restaurant, sanitising will be carried out once a day as has been the case since we reopened.

Hand sanitising stations will remain around the club.

Bowlers will still be responsible for sanitising Jacks and Mats at the end of each session.

Toilets will be limited to two people at any one time.

All mandatory signs and barriers will be removed.

Bowling will return to normal play.

Members may play fours if they wish, but can continue to play triples until the Winter Season starts.

Rinks one , three and five when playing fours or triples should start from the far end.

Bowlers seeking a game may before a session starts ask the green keeper or centre manager if they can be placed on a rink which has availability.

Both the bar and restaurant will be set up pre Covid, you may request table service if you feel uncomfortable standing at the bar or servery .

Please continue to use the online booking system, although we do not wish to discourage drop ins and as before we will continue to record all visitors to the club.

It will not be compulsory to wear a mask, BUT, we ask you to be considerate to others by putting a mask on if you find yourself face to face in the following areas when they are busy:

At the bar when ordering drinks.

Restaurant servery when ordering food.

Around the locker areas and rink tables.

When entering the toilets.

At the green stewards desk when in discussion.


Whilst the club can lay out various rules and recommendations, at the end of the day we all have to be responsible for our own actions. We ask you to be considerate to staff and fellow members.

Best Regards

Dave Parks


Congratulations to Eleanor – Our First University Placement Student

Eleanor started her placement with the club to support her course work in all aspects of sports management. Although she couldn’t compete her planned hours due to Covid, she worked alongside all the directors, staff and members to gain knowledge that would help her complete her final year.

We are thrilled to tell you that she attained a First Class Degree and recently applied for employment with the Commonwealth Games, where she has been appointed as ‘Assistant Sport Competition Manager for Lawn and Para Lawn Bowls’ She will be involved in running the bowls event in Birmingham 2022. 

Message from Eleanor . . .

‘My job title is going to be Assistant Sport Competition Manager for Lawn & Para Lawn Bowls, so myself and my manager will be running the bowls event at Birmingham 2022.

I really cannot thank you and all of the members enough – it may have been just shy of two weeks for my placement but it really had a huge impact on me which I will be forever grateful for.

Best wishes,

Eleanor Skipp’


We wish her much success, what an amazing start to her career.

Preston 54 vs Eastbourne 92

Message from Julie Woods, our Ladies Captain . . .

“I would like to thank all of our club members who drove and travelled to Preston for our first friendly mixed match in a very long time, we were made to feel very welcome and safe at Preston and would like to thank them for all their hard work in arranging the match.
It certainly was a very enjoyable afternoon and a wonderful feeling to be back bowling against a different club.
We won on all 4 rinks and the overall score was Preston 54 Eastbourne 92”.

Ladies Afternoon Bowling

Our ladies captain, Julie Woods and vice-captain Anita Feltham would like to encourage our lady bowlers, whether you are a novice or experienced bowler to join in a Tuesday afternoon bowling session 2pm – 4pm.
The idea being to encourage and bond the ladies section in preparation for a return to matches in the future.
Going forward all 6 rinks will be available, the format will be drawn triples, each team having an experienced bowler as skip to give help and guidance to anyone who needs it, however, depending on the number of ladies attending each week it may mean some weeks the format will be pairs or a mixture of both.
If you would like to join this group but have not yet done so please email Anita email hidden; JavaScript is required to say you are interested.
Julie and Anita will be pleased to see you.

Ladies captain Julie Woods (L) and vice captain Anita Feltham (R)

Any ladies reading this who are not members of the club but would like to find out more please email our centre manager Naomi at email hidden; JavaScript is required or ring her on 01323 506009 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm.

Club Re-opens Monday 17th May 2021

Our rinks, bar and restaurant will open to members for our Summer season 17th May – 24th September inclusive.

Current Covid guidelines will allow triples to be played with 6 bowlers from any household.

Our booking system is available online for members to book in advance.

We welcome walk-ins but cannot guarantee availability of rinks or tables.

Whether you are an experienced bowler or someone who has often thought they’d like to have a go you are more than welcome to come and have a taster session, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to make an appointment.

We look forward to seeing all our members again and welcoming new members too.

Members Newsletter – Summer Season

Dear Members

I am pleased to be sending you this email with information about the Summer Indoor Bowling Season. Please read it carefully as it contains all the information you need for a better experience when entering and operating within the club.

Summer Opening Times from 17th May to 24th September

The club opens every day at 9.25am Monday to Friday for bowlers. The Restaurant will be open for Breakfasts from 8.30am Monday to Thursday and 9am on Fridays.

Rink Sessions

Monday 9.45am – 11.45am, afternoon 12pm – 2pm, evening 7 – 9pm

Tuesday 9.45am – 11.45am, afternoon 12pm – 2pm, evening 7 – 9pm

Wednesday 9.45am – 11.45am evening 7 – 9pm

Thursday 9.45am – 11.45am, afternoon 12pm – 2pm

Friday 9.45am – 11.45am evening 7 – 9pm

Closed weekends


The online booking system will go live on Monday 10th May.

Rinks are limited to six people from any household until 21st June when up to eight people may bowl on a rink. Please look on the website for rink availability and to book. Most morning rinks have been pre booked for the season but there are days where a casual rink is available, which are for anybody to book. Please be aware that other bowlers might be placed with you to make up numbers. There are more rinks available to be booked for the afternoon sessions.

Monday evenings will be returning to triples with drawn rinks on the evening. You must state that you want to be included in the draw prior to turning up by emailing Naomi on her email address email hidden; JavaScript is required for the Monday 17th May session. For future Mondays either ring or email into the club during the week or if you’ve played on the first evening back add your name to the booking list before you leave. Remember numbers are limited to 36 bowlers on a first come basis until 21st June when numbers may increase.

The bowls committee are looking into the possibility of running an “AUSSIE PAIRS” league on Tuesday evenings 7-9pm. If more than 12 teams enter then the league may be extended to Thursday evenings. Further information will follow, but email Naomi email hidden; JavaScript is required to register your interest in joining, so they can start to plan it.

Tuesday 12 – 2pm – Our lady captain Julie Wood and vice-captain Anita Feltham would like to encourage our lady bowlers, whether you are a novice or experienced bowler to join in a Tuesday afternoon bowling session 12pm – 2pm. The idea being to encourage and bond the ladies section in preparation for a return to matches in the future. If you would like to join this group please email Naomi at email hidden; JavaScript is required Julie and Anita will be pleased to see you.

Wednesdays – booked rinks and a chance to play Ladder League and other competitions.

Fridays – Bring a friend to bowl. Possible ‘CHASE THE JACK’ competition. Possibility of a once a month “DRIVE & WINE” event.

The Bowls Committee has agreed to relax the dress code for the Summer season.

The code is smart casual clothing, shorts may be worn but these must be tailored (no cargo shorts).

If you would like to join in with any of the evening suggestions email Naomi email hidden; JavaScript is required so we can gauge interest and numbers.

Health & Safety

When we return to bowls there will be a few changes that you may notice when entering the club to make your experience a little less daunting and more pleasurable.

MASKS will continue to be used until you reach your destination, for example on the green ready to play or at a bar or restaurant table.

ONE WAY SYSTEM– We have decided to remove the one way system around the club, the social distancing 2M rule still applies but we feel there is enough room for members to stand aside and let others by safely, ALWAYS keep to the left!!

You will be able to enter the club without queuing up, on entering please sanitise your hands before touching surfaces etc. There will be sanitiser at several points around the club, the entrance, both stairwells to the lockers and rinks and at the entrance to the restaurant. This should help with the flow of members arriving at the same time. A new temperature sensor will be wall mounted in the porch for you to use if required.


TEST AND TRACE will still be in operation, please scan the QR code on entry. If you haven’t booked to bowl, come into the bar or restaurant you will be asked to give details at the reception desk when entering the club. Booked rinks will be monitored by the management and booked rink leaders.

At the change of session, bowlers should not go down to their rink until all rinks have been vacated.

The Management Committee have asked all staff to carry out twice weekly lateral flow tests and will ask regular volunteers to follow suit. All these measures along with the vaccine programme will enable us to protect our members in the best possible way. We have purchased a commercial Anti-bac atomiser which will be used every 24hours to provide maximum sanitising throughout the club, this has been purchased through Greengauge -a national Bowling carpet specialist.

We ask bowlers, at the end of their playing session, to clean mats and jacks (anti-bac wipes will be on the rink tables), the scoreboards will be cleaned by the green steward. The lead bowler will be responsible for social distancing their group during play. Please read the information sheets on the rink tables to remind you of the rules of play.

Until at least the 21st June the toilets will remain one in, one out and the cloakrooms will not be available. Restaurant and bar tables are to be booked as before but we welcome members walking in but cannot guarantee a table straightaway.

EXIT– you will be able to exit the club through the front door, sanitiser will be available for you just before you open the door to leave.


Michelle is looking forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 17th May.

We continue to adhere to current Covid-19 guidelines by providing 2 tables in the restaurant which are hand sanitising stations , one to use as you enter the restaurant and another to use as you leave to go back to the bar area. Tables and chairs will be sanitised after each use.

The booking of restaurant tables will be as before, via the online booking system or by phone. All information for making a booking can be found in the restaurant booking area online.

It will be Table Service only, with a maximum of 6 people from different households and we will continue to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

The restaurant will open Mon-Thurs for pre booked breakfast for anyone who would like to eat before play starts at 9.45am, this can be booked via the online booking system under restaurant bookings or by phone.

Restaurant Opening Times:

Monday 8.30-2pm

Tuesday 8.30-2pm

Wednesday 8.30-12pm

Thursday 8.30-2pm

Friday 9-12pm

Due to staff taking annual leave there may be a few dates when the restaurant will be closed or a reduced menu offered. We will inform you in plenty of time of these dates so as not to disappoint.

Michelle looks forward to seeing you all and hope members will continue to support our restaurant as before.

Annual General Meeting

The Management Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday 28thMay at 6pm. This has been delayed from its normal time of November due to the pandemic. Numbers will be limited to forty attendees and as there will be eleven officials, we are asking you to register an interest if you wish to come along.

The agenda, financial statement and minutes of the last AGM meeting will be sent out by email in due course.

Finally, I know that many of you will be bowling outside, so I wish those who are, a warm summer. To those of you who are still worried about entering the club, come along and have a cup of tea, it will be good to see you. To all our members whether you are social or bowling members and even if you bowl outside, come and see us, we’ve missed you. There’s nothing like meeting up with old friends.

Best Wishes

Dave Parks

Summer Opening 2021

Dear Members

I am pleased to confirm our Summer opening times from 17th May 2021. They are as follows:

Monday. 9.45am – 11.45am, 12pm – 2pm, 7 – 9pm

Tuesday. 9.45am – 11.45am, 12pm – 2pm, 7 – 9pm

Wednesday. 9.45am – 11.45am, 7 -9pm

Thursday. 9.45am – 11.45am, 12pm – 2pm.

Friday. 9.45am – 11.45am, 7 – 9pm

The club will open at 9.25am for morning sessions and 6.40pm for evening sessions.

Naomi will be in touch with those of you that booked a Summer Rink last year to see if you would like to retain that rink slot this Summer.
If you do not have a booked rink and would like one, please collect a group of at least eight bowlers and reply to Naomi and she will contact you to discuss rink availability.

Please remember that until the 21st June only six members(any household) can bowl on a rink. From the 21st June fours can resume.

The Myclubhouse booking system will go live eight days prior to opening for all other bookings, including the restaurant and bar. Once again bar and restaurant tables may be booked for up to six people from different households.


Some bowling members did not rejoin last September, but may be interested in rejoining for the remainder of the year. If you know of anyone who wishes to join or rejoin, the membership cost from 17th May to 30th September is £50 (as per E&DIBA pricing policy). Please contact Teresa Hubbins at the following email address: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Collect your Bowls.

Members who are wishing to collect their Bowls for the outdoor season may do so on Friday 26th March between the hours of 10am and 1pm.

We will plan for the future to ensure a safe but more amenable environment for the members to enjoy.

Take care

Dave Parks