Moving up to TRIPLES

From Monday 17th August any rink will be able to play Triples.

If you are involved in a Triples Rink you should wear a mask or alternatively a face shield. Members who have a recognized breathing condition could be exempt from wearing a mask but must notify the center manager when entering the building.

It is important that Triples rinks Bowlers socially distance at least one metre plus apart.

Change into your bowls shoes quickly and step onto the rink immediately you have done so.

The procedure for bowling is exactly the same as you would do for pairs with the following additions :

The Jack must be placed at least one metre short of the tee.

The mat must be placed at least one metre up from the tee.

Therefore the maximum length for triples is two metres shorter than the normal maximum length. Reduce this further if you would prefer.

Four bowlers should not stand side by side but two by two. Two just by the ditch two metres apart and two bowlers in front of the them two metre away. Move up to bowl and then return to your position. Move clockwise around the rink behind each other.

Disposable masks will be available to purchase at a cost of £1 for 2 if you forget to bring one.

If you have a Summer booked rink and have enough people to bowl a triples rink the club would prefer you to do this. Alternatively you should book another weekly rink so that all your bowlers get a regular bowl. Please discuss this with Michelle.

Good luck, use common sense, be aware and enjoy.

Dave Parks


Anxious about coming back to bowl?

If you haven’t yet been to the club because you are anxious about social distancing please take a look at our short video. 

Click here to view the video

‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Government scheme for restaurants and bars.

We have registered with the above scheme to give members the opportunity to enjoy a breakfast, lunch or just a snack and get 50% off the price of food and soft drinks.

This offer applies to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the month of August (3rd- 31st August).

Just book a table and we will do the rest! £10 maximum discount per person per visit.

We look forward to seeing you.

EIBA Update 31/7/2020

Copied from EIBA website
Returning to Indoor Bowls

Following the Prime Minister’s statement earlier today (31st July 2020) the EIBA wishes to advise you that flat green Indoor Bowls Clubs, if they wish, are still able to be open. Indoor Bowls was included in the indoor sports which were permitted to start on Saturday 25th July 2020.

The Government has taken the decision to postpone the next phase of activities which were scheduled to start on 1st August 2020, this included 10 pin bowling alleys, for at least a further two weeks.

Therefore Clubs can continue with their scheduled activities, whilst maintaining systems to ensure the Club is COVID-19 secure.

Yours sincerely

Peter Thompson
Chief Executive

Buy Your Rink Tokens Before You Bowl

Hopefully you will have heard the great news that we are able to have you back to bowl from Monday 3rd August.

If you wish to bowl next week (please see the booking sysytem for availablity) you MUST come in this week to buy your tokens and collect your bowls. Please phone the club to book your time slot to come in. If you would like to have a drink or something to eat when you buy your tokens, then you will need to book a table online.

If you would normally bowl within a booked rink, these have been booked out on the system already and your Rink Captain will be contacted seperately this week and be given the new schedule so they can sort out their bowling rota in accordance with the guidelines.

You will receive a letter this week by post with the Covid-19 club guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you soon,


Returning to Indoor Bowls – Important Information

Dear Members

We hope that you are keeping well.

We have received guidance from the English Indoor Bowls Association and endorsed by the Government as to how we can safely reopen our Bowls Club.

Our club will reopen on 3rd August for bowling. The restaurant and bar have opened this week (from 27th July) mornings only, for drinks, snacks and light lunches and giving bowlers the opportunity to collect their bowls and buy rink tokens ready for their first game!

Please click here to thoroughly read  “Returning to Indoor Bowls” guidance.

We look forward to welcoming you back, we’ve missed you!

Kind Regards

Dave Parks


Important Information for Members

We are busy setting up the club for re-opening following the latest government guidelines and are committed to ensuring that the building is safe for our staff and members to enjoy our facilities once again.

The restaurant and bar will open for all members from Monday 27th July, mornings only, this will allow bowlers to collect their bowls etc and purchase rink tokens in preparation for play and of course enjoy a coffee, cake or something more!

Click here to view SUMMER MENU 2020 

You must book a table using the online booking system (minimum of 1hr) or if you just want to pick up your bowls and tokens please phone the club 01323 506009 or Michelle on 07983 520461 as Michelle will need to arrange a planned time for your arrival. It is vital that we have details of all members visiting the club, even for a short time for track and trace purposes.


As yet we cannot confirm the start date for bowling, planned for the 3rd August  (we are still waiting for EIBA final guidelines) but you will all receive information in the post, through our website and secure member area once we know.


Dave Parks


Phased Re-Opening of Club

We are pleased to advise you that we will be opening the Restaurant and Bar from Monday 27th July, but you must book a table using the new online booking system to gain entry to the Club. We are still not allowed to open the rinks for bowling until the guidelines from EIBA have been clarified.

We recently launched our new Online Booking system. This will enable Registered Club members to pre book a restaurant table or bar table from the comfort of your home so you can come in to the Club from 27th July.

So far we have had over 200 Log ins to the system.

During last week every Club Member for whom we have an email address on file will have received two emails from My Clubhouse advising them of their USER NAME and how to set their own PASSWORD. If you have not yet followed the instructions to log in please action this as soon as possible. If you have not seen these emails check your inbox and spam folder and email the Club at email hidden; JavaScript is required  if you can’t find them. We encourage Members to book a table and come to the Club to see the changes we’ve made to make it Covid 19 secure.

Our policy going forward will be that all purchases will be made by debit or credit card only to remove the risk of infection when handling cash. We will also be selling batches of tokens which must be used for rink fee payments when bowling restarts. This is to minimise delays. Once used the tokens will be stored for 3 days before being put on sale again

Thank you for your support and patience during this transitional period. We are working hard to make the return to bowling as safe, easy and as enjoyable as we can.

Best wishes

Derek Spiller

Club Update

Dear members

A big hello to you all , I hope you are all keeping safe and that you are enjoying the mostly good weather.

I would like to thank all of you who sent a reply to my previous Newsletter in early May. Your messages of support are greatly appreciated .

So what’s been happening since the last communication.

All of our staff are still Furloughed.
Michelle and Kim are still volunteering their free time to running the food service, although customers’ orders have diminished and therefore the service will be operating on a much reduced scale . Michelle will be sending out a separate e mail soon.

Peter Reynolds has been cleaning the Bowls Carpet on a regular basis and also cleaned the Bowls mats , thank you Peter.

We applied for a grant of over £11000 from Sport England which allowed us to claim every day running expenses of the club between 1st March and 31st July . Hoping that we may be awarded somewhere near £4000 , which is about the average that they have been awarding, we are delighted to say that we have been granted £9194 , way more than our expectations. We are still waiting for this to land in our bank account, but have been assured it will arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to Liz for helping me prepare the application .

I feel that we received this amount as the club now supports all aspects of the community including people who are visually impaired and people with dementia. Along with the £25000 government grant this will financially help us through the Summer and round to October.

Last Monday I received an email from the English Indoor Bowls Association , our governing body . This email contained an extensive and comprehensive document on Guidance to opening up indoor Bowls Clubs. Although not guaranteed they indicated that the government may give the green light to opening up Indoor bowls clubs early in July. Good news indeed if the Country behaves itself.

So we have to prepare for a possible reopening , something I’m sure a lot of you would like.

Last Thursday we held a committee meeting and agreed to move forward with safety measures to protect our members. We will form sub committees so that we can cover all aspects of safety and how the Bowling Green will operate.

If and when the club opens it will not be as we know it.

We will be relying on you our members to adhere strictly to all the measures that will be in place. If we do this there should be no reason why our members could not return to bowling safely.

Some of the measures would involve a one way system in and out of the club with directional signage, the closure of the changing rooms and lockers would no longer be able to be used.

Once all of these measures and all decisions have been agreed I will send out further emails keeping you up to date with progress.

Other measures may include the introduction of a voucher system for green fees, we are also trialling an online rink booking system. They are necessary to avoid contact by hand on materials.

At this time we can only communicate with you via an online newsletter. If you know of any member that is not online could you please print and pass this email on to them.

One thing I am sure of, having spoken to many of you during lockdown, is that you all miss the friendship and companionship that the club provides. Hopefully we can open up soon and renew our acquaintances.

Best Regards
Dave Parks

Food Shopping for Members . . .

Dear members

We are pleased to be able to offer our members a shopping service during these challenging times.

We have put out to all our email receivers a ‘shopping list’, items can be ordered, collected or delivered.

This message is to try and reach those members not on email. If you know of a member who may need our help please do not hesitate to contact the club on 01323 506009 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will do our best to support them.

Keep safe and well

Dave Parks