July 19th – What Happens Next . . .

Dear Members,

On the 19th July all Government Covid 19 restrictions will come to an end. I am pleased to set out below how the club will operate from that date :

We will continue with the defogger in the Bowls Hall and Restaurant, sanitising will be carried out once a day as has been the case since we reopened.

Hand sanitising stations will remain around the club.

Bowlers will still be responsible for sanitising Jacks and Mats at the end of each session.

Toilets will be limited to two people at any one time.

All mandatory signs and barriers will be removed.

Bowling will return to normal play.

Members may play fours if they wish, but can continue to play triples until the Winter Season starts.

Rinks one , three and five when playing fours or triples should start from the far end.

Bowlers seeking a game may before a session starts ask the green keeper or centre manager if they can be placed on a rink which has availability.

Both the bar and restaurant will be set up pre Covid, you may request table service if you feel uncomfortable standing at the bar or servery .

Please continue to use the online booking system, although we do not wish to discourage drop ins and as before we will continue to record all visitors to the club.

It will not be compulsory to wear a mask, BUT, we ask you to be considerate to others by putting a mask on if you find yourself face to face in the following areas when they are busy:

At the bar when ordering drinks.

Restaurant servery when ordering food.

Around the locker areas and rink tables.

When entering the toilets.

At the green stewards desk when in discussion.


Whilst the club can lay out various rules and recommendations, at the end of the day we all have to be responsible for our own actions. We ask you to be considerate to staff and fellow members.

Best Regards

Dave Parks


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