Say Hello to Eleanor and Milvy

The Management Committee are pleased to be able to welcome Eleanor and Milvydas to our bowls club to enable them to carry out their work placement. Although our club is small compared to many other sports facilities in the local area we are confident that they will have many opportunities to undertake all the necessary tasks and duties to gain hands on knowledge and experience in business management. We expect them to be committed to the hours they must complete and to take every task or project seriously. We also look forward to teaching them the game and introducing them to our members.

Hello, my name is Eleanor. My sporting background is mainly derived from Tennis, through playing, volunteering and coaching for six years. I currently play for the University of Brighton Women’s 1st Tennis Team. I spend my summers teaching tennis and looking after 7-9-year-old girls at a summer camp in Maine, USA. I am keen to learn and transfer my knowledge from my sporting background whilst further expanding my depth of knowledge in a sport I have never tried and helping to positively promote the business. I’m excited to learn about a new sport and to apply my theoretical knowledge from my course to EDIBA. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking to you so if you see me around the club, please come and introduce yourself!






Hello, my name is Milvy and I am currently a 2nd year student at the university of Brighton. As part of my course I have been given the opportunity to complete a 300 hour work placement at this beautiful bowls club. My sporting background comes from football. I had the opportunity to represent my country (You’ll have to ask me to find out where I’m from) at international level for many years whilst still playing at semi-professional level. My background of interest is business and I am really looking forward to learning how to run a successful sports club.
I am looking forward to meeting you all, so please, don’t be shy come and introduce yourself.

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